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Nowodworska o Katyniu 2

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Jadwiga Chmielowska
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Dołączył: 02 Wrz 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob Kwi 17, 2010 10:14 pm    Temat postu: Nowodworska o Katyniu 2 Odpowiedz z cytatem

''Murder International Inc will operate, until there are no more Soviets and the KGB''

Publication time: 12 April 2010, 18:04

Katyn 1 was overlapped by Katyn 2. There is no evidence, and it will never be. I have absolute confidence instead of evidence. President Lech Kaczynski was like a thorn in the flesh the KGB, he was cursed by Soviet TV channels alongside with Presidents Yushchenko and Saakashvili.

He paid for everything: for supporting Georgia, for his heroic flight to Tbilisi; for scholarships and places at universities assigned to Belarusian anti-Lukashenko students; for hosting Chechen websites and asylum for Chechen refugees; for his attempt to condemn Jaruzelski; for anti-Sovietism and anti-Communism; for his orientation towards the West; for the "Katyn" movie, and questions about Katyn; and for his active role in the NATO.

What do Polish rebels deserve? Three divisions of Poland: the crushing of the Kosciusko's uprisings in 1799, uprisings of 1830 and 1863; war in 1920; occupation in 1939, Katyn; the Warsaw block; martial law in 1981, and finally Katyn 2 in 2010. The war is not over yet, the war between freedom and slavery will never end, and a USSR rest piece, where we live, is fighting against the freedom.

I do not work for the Russian External Spy Service, so I did not know that Poles decided to make that reckless flight. On board of a plane, made by their own enemies, a worn-out "TU" plane, which was repaired by the enemies after Kaczynski's victory in the elections, without reporters, without escort by Polish military aircraft, without any control, on the deserted military airfield, and fully relying on evil KGB forces...Now it is clear why the "Katyn" movie was aired on that day by the Russian TV: this "Tamizdat" (foreign-produced books, movies, etc., banned by Soviet censorship-KC) was like a cheese in a mousetrap.

I don't believe in such coincidence. For Katyn 2 is responsible either Moscow or Holy Providence. I'm a Christian and cannot accuse Holy Providence working for the KGB. I'm not accusing at all. I'm reasoning on cui prodest concept. There should be evidences for accusations.

We are not to rely on a hope that some 15 years from now a type of Beria (Stalin's main butcher - KC) would want to denounce his colleagues, whom he gave orders to kill. This is how the Mikhoels case (a Jewish theatre director killed by Stalin - KC) was exposed. Stalin died; and a battle between successors began. Beria needed some plus points. Otherwise, we would have believed up till now that the director died in a car accident.

Why didn't Polish patriots lie down on runways in Warsaw Airport? If I only knew about that flight, I would have thrown myself to the knees before the Polish Ambassador in Moscow and begged him to make a call to the President and warn him. That is where Obama's "reload" games lead to. To fly to the enemy's rear, into the hands of the enemy, on the mercy of the enemy...

I'm not accusing anyone, how do I know who is behind this freeze-frame, who is the head of that KGB junta? Where can one go with such accusations, to what court? Think of me as of that man, who walked three hundred steps after Raskolnikov in Dostoyevsky' novel "Crime and Punishment" saying to him: "You are the murderer". Because the police investigator Porphiry Petrovich knew that he had nothing with what he could take Raskolnikov to the court, especially when Nikolka pleaded guilty. Porphiry Petrovich wanted to make Raskolnikov nervous. He was irritating him. But this junta has strong nerves, it cannot be irritated.

And Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple by Agatha Christie were working in a way that their analytical conclusions were supported by facts: the murderer started acting foolish, killing witnesses, exposing himself, and then the murderer broke down and ran away at a Hercule Poiro's public session of "exposing the magic". Those guys[the KGB junta] will never run...

And even if a miracle happens, and the summer stays in Russia forever, it is unlikely that we would be able to sue the KGB agents, even for their bombing of apartment buildings in Moscow in 1999. Written evidences or orders do not exist, and one can't go to a court citing the Dostoevsky's novel. ("It's you who have murdered.., you, since there is no one else".) The lawyers and prosecutors will make you ridiculous for such an evidence.

Do not believe me, dear Europeans. Nevertheless, do not fly to us in Russia in such a composition of a delegation and heading for such places. Otherwise, decades will pass, another 65 years, and another group of Polish politicians will fly to the crash zone of the Polish airplane. And it will also crash...But I do not know if Andrzej Wajda (Polish director of the 2007 movie 'Katyn" - KC), would have time to make another movie.

The Murder International Inc will operate, until there are no more Soviets, no more KGB. If they had nothing else to do but to chase across Europe the 90 years-old Krasnov and poison Litvinenko with polonium, and treat one with poisoned candy, and poke with an umbrella, who can prove it to me that they couldn't kill ,unpunished and with for certain, the anti-Soviet enemy of Lubyanka and Kremlin Lech Kaczynski?

We never met, but he was my comrade, companion-in-arms, and I'll mourn over him, unlike Adam Michnik and other Polish ultraleftists, defenders of Jaruzelski. Kaczynski was Polish Reagan, a heir of Kosciusko, Savinsky, Dombrovsky, and Pilsudksi. Poland, of course, he will not die. Poland remembers everything and is on the right course, but the KGB members are happy to bite and leap back. The KGB (FSB - KC) is a tribe of dogs, which has its roots in the butchers of Ivan the Terrible.

I cannot even say that my hate towards the FSB will grow much after this murder. It cannot grow further. "My hate is as wide as a sea, and the shores of life cannot contain it". In the quotation, Shakespeare's Juliet had love, not hate, but I'm not dealing with a Romeo...

What hurts is that no one will be punished. Although, there is nothing new here. Even Stalin did not pay for his crimes. Because of him- a Holy Lamb in person -, his grandson drags a Moscow liberal paper, Novaya Gazeta, to a court. The butchers from the NKVD and the VChK, and those who were not executed by their own colleagues, were unpunished.

A KGB man Cherkesov got a high position under Putin, another KGB man Philipp Bobkov is working for the Moscow NTV Channel , senile GULAG guard get high state pensions, Lenin is lying pretty comfortable in the Mausoleum and medals for Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia are in high esteem. And who have paid for the ruined lives of the passengers of the South Korean airliner? By the way, in the Georgian "Imedi" TV channel program, a plane with Lech Kaczynski aboard explodes when he is flying to help Georgia. Consider that as a first warning.

The anti-Soviet politician Kaczynski has made a mistake only once - when he boarded a Soviet airplane to fly to the Soviet territory, believing the Soviet authorities.

And the civilized world will not accuse anyone. Everything will be covered by gas, oil and fog.

Valeriya Novodvorskaya (Moscow), journalist, former activist of Soviet Dissident Movement

Jadwiga Chmielowska Przewodnicz?ca Oddzia?u Katowice i Komitetu Wykonawczego "Solidarnosci Walcz?cej"

Ostatnio zmieniony przez Jadwiga Chmielowska dnia Wto Kwi 20, 2010 7:29 am, w całości zmieniany 2 razy
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Dołączył: 13 Paź 2006
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PostWysłany: Sob Kwi 17, 2010 11:31 pm    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Szokujący tekst Walerii Nowodworskiej
kura domowa, 17 kwiecień, 2010 - 23:44

* Artykuł


Koncern "Liedorub - international" będzie działał, póki istnieje sowieciarstwo, póki istnieje KGB.

I jeśli chciało im się uganiać po Europie za 90 – letnim Krasnowem i truć polonem Litwinienkę , częstować cukierkami z trucizną, kłuć parasolem, to kto mi udowodni że nie można bezkarnie i pewnie usunąć antykomunisty, wroga Łubianki i Kremla Lecha Kczyńskiego? Nie znałam go ale był moim współbojownikiem, towarzyszem broni i będę go opłakiwać, w odróżnieniu od Adama Michnika i innych polskich lewaków, obrońców Jaruzelskiego. Kaczyński był polskim Reganem, następcą Kościuszki, Sowińskiego, Dąbrowskiego i Piłsudskiego. "Polska"oczywiście "nie zginie" [w org. po polsku]. Polska wszystko pamięta i jest na dobrej drodze, ale czekiści lubią ugrzyźć i odskoczyć. Sobacze plemię od czasu sformowania opryczników.

Bolesne jest to, że nikt nie za to odpowie. Zresztą to nic nowego. Stalin – ten też nie odpowiedział. I za niego, niewinnego baranka, jego wnuk ciąga po sądach "Nowuju Gazietu". Uciekli na tamten świat kaci z NKWD i CzeKa i ci których nie rozstrzelali koledzy po fachu, uciekli bezkarni. Czerkiesow na stanowisku, Filip Bobkow był w NTW stara (...) dostaje specjalną emeryturę. Lenin pyszni się w mauzoleum i wciąż są aktualne odznaczenia za Afgan, Czeczenię I Gruzję. A kto zapłacił za pozbawienie życia pasażerów południowo koreańskiego samolotu? Przy okazji w filmie fabularnym na kanale "Imedi" samolot z Lechem Kaczyńskim wybucha gdy leci na pomoc Gruzji. Przyjmijcie że to był pierwszy zwiastun.
Antysowiecki Kaczyński pomylił się tylko raz – kiedy poleciał sowieckim samolotem na sowieckie terytorium , zaufawszy sowieckiej władzy.
A cywilizowany świat nie będzie oskarżać. Wszystko pokryje ropa, gaz i mgła


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